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MediNOVA — medical equipment, materials, tools and training manikins in Ukraine

 «MediNOVA LLC» was created by professionals with experience in medical practice, and in medical business, in order to supply to Ukraine innovative medical technologies — imported high-tech medical equipment, materials, tools and training manikins — medical and technical support.

MediNOVA has long term partnership with the leading simulation equipment in healthcare producers from US and EU.

Among of them are:


SimuLab (US);

Anatomage (US);

Immersive Touch (US);

3D Systems (US);


Simulation usage in medical education is future practical tasks and skills development oriented.

Simulation includes not only medical practice skills development, but also communicate.

Mannequins and simulators from Simulab and Gaumard are the super modern copies of the human bodies with the possibility to develop all medical skills.

To buy the simulators is possible by contacting our sales reps in any convenient way