Contemporary Suture Material

Last years the attention of surgeons in a transaction increasingly attracts the role of suture material. This is understandable, because the vast majority of transactions suture material is essentially the only foreign body, which remains in the tissues. And naturally, that on the quality, chemical composition and structure of the material depends reaction of tissue for implantation.

Currently, an increasing number of surgeons prefer modern synthetic suture material, refusing to use in everyday practice of traditional silk and catgut.

The use of adequate suture material is one of the components of a successful operation. In modern surgery the selection of suture material primarily determined by the requirements imposed on it.

Dealing with suture material starts with its identification. And simply put — to study its packaging, which has detailed information about what is in sterile space under tight shell. The need for a correct interpretation of numbers and symbols on the label makes it possible before the operation or its phase to select the optimal suture material.

Contemporary packaging of quality Ethicon suture material is now available in two basic types: Relay system and foil pack.

When using suture material in the package type Relay shape of the distribution tray minimizes the «memory effect» of suture material and allows the surgeon or nurse easily to release filament with sliding and easy removal. Foil package allows with a slight movement to put the content on the sterile table.

At any packaging of noninvasive suture material the complete information about threads that it contains is encoded.

MediNOVA presents a full range of the most of modern and popular in the world suture material of Johnson & Johnson Ethicon (USA).