TraumaMan Surgical Abdomen Catastrophic Event Team Training Package SACEP-10

The TraumaMan Surgical Abdomen Catastrophic Event Team Training Package allows you to transform your existing TraumaMan System’s abdominal area into a flexible abdominal surgical site. The Catastrophic Event Team Training Package combines the Surgical Abdomen Platform and the Catastrophic Event Team Training Module. 

 The Catastrophic Event Team Training module includes 3 procedures:

  • Nicked Aorta procedure
  • Nicked Renal Artery procedure
  • Lacerated Kidney procedure

Team training might include the diagnosis and treatment of a renal or aortic injury, the management of an emergency surgery, preparation for a catastrophic surgical event, and building confidence and reliability in an individual role within a team framework. 

Module Components:

  • Abdominal Cavity with Vertebral Column
  • Internal Organs including Kidneys and Intestines
  • Aortic Birfurcation Insert
  • Nicked Renal Artery
  • Lacerated Kidney
  • Simulated Insufflation Frame
  • Blood Circulation System with Bladder Cavity Insert
  • Red Concentrate

Surgical Abdomen Product Components:

  • Upper Body Form Skin
  • Abdominal Platform Tray
  • Lower Body Form
  • Surgical Abdomen Replaceable Tissue
  • Simulated Umbilicus Insert
  • Interlocking Tray Support Bar
  • Screwdriver and Two Screws

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