FemoraLineMan System FLM-50

FemoraLineMan is an ultrasound compatible task trainer that offers an effective training solution for central venous or arterial access using the femoral vein route.

  • Responds to Ultrasound
  • Provides realistic soft tissue
  • Includes all necessary anatomical landmarks
  • Includes palpable arterial pulse
  • Has two colors of simulated blood
  • Easy to refill simulated fluid reservoirs
  • Is portable and affordable

This femoral line trainer uses the same patented technology as the highly acclaimed TraumaMan System and allows medical professionals to train using real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement.

Skill Development:

  • Central venous access using the femoral vein route
  • Using ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Palpating anatomical landmarks significant to the procedure

Features and Benefits:

  • Anatomically correct body form with identifiable landmarks
  • Differentiates arterial and venous blood to show positive or negative results
  • Self sealing veins and skin for multiple practices
  • Replaceable tissue sets allow for multiple uses
  • Arterial pulse and proper landmarks are present to help avoid and detect errors
  • Ultrasound compatible for guidance during needle placement

Product Components:

  • FemoraLineMan Torso
  • Replaceable Tissue (FLMT-50)
  • Vessel Filling Port
  • Fill Line
  • Pulse — Hand Pump
  • Venous Pressure Regulator
  • Carrying Case
  • Arterial Fluid (red)
  • Venous Fluid (blue)
  • User’s Guide


  • Size: 18″ h; 27″ w; 8.5″ d (carrying case)
  • Weight: 27 lbs

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