The worldwide most contemporary simulation manikin of childbirth

Practical experience is the key to the professionalism and success of health care specialist. The need to work out all the necessary skills and production of skills without risk to patients was apparent even in the 18th century, when in Franceaccording to the drawings of Angelica d`Kyudre the world’s first woman in childbirth simulator was created for training midwives in unique public hospital of Paris «Paris seekers of God». Currently for training, testing and certification of students all over the world simulation-certification centers are created such as «Teaching and innovative training center for doctors» at the Odessa National Medical University.

MediNOVA offers the worldwide most contemporary simulation manikin of childbirth — NOELLE ® S2200 Victoria from the company Gaumard (USA).


NOELLE ® includes all of the latest advanced features, including a new visual software GIGA, birth canal, epidural puncture realistic abdominal wall for cesarean section and more. Experienced Noel births mechanism is improved for creating a more natural and realistic passage of birth. Rotation and passage of the fetus through the birth canal in Noel according to commands of wireless tablet; it also falls and rises, passing through the natural topography of the pelvic hole.


Standard kit of Noel includes Wireless manikin of 40-week newborn that plays breathing, heart rate, skin color and vital signs corresponding to the state of hypoxia and its relief. Also includes features such as tracking trends, crying, seizures, and perform oral and nasal intubation, breath sounds and flatbed additional PC to control. Also a possible option is Wireless manikin of 30-week premature newborn — manikin weighing less than 1400 grams.