Surgical equipment

The developer of electronic equipment WEM (Brazil) is constantly looking for new ways to empower electrosurgery.

As a result, a high-quality equipment which meets all the needs of contemporary electrosurgery was developed. That made trademark WEM famous in the world, linking the name of the WEM with guaranteed accuracy and reliability.

WEM contribution to the development of electrosurgery is recognized throughout the world, thanks to the continuous improvement of quality and commitments to international safety standards, which are required for electromedical equipment.

WEM products meets all national and international technical standards in electromedical security. All products manufactured by WEM are approved by INMETRO and meet the requirements set by ANVISA. WEM became the first Brazilian producer of electrosurgical devices that meet the requirements of European and North American markets and are CE and FDA marked.

The product range:

  • Microprocessor electrosurgical devices
  • Argon coagulators
  • Smoke extractors
  • Wide range of accessories for electrosurgery
  • Cardiotocographs
  • Detectors of fetal cardiac rhythm