Microprocessed Electrosurgical Unit SS-601MCa


Ideal cut and coagulation functions for every surgical procedure
The SS-601MCa surgical unit is a multi-purpose device designed with smart technology, which provides several combinations of cut, coagulation and bipolar modes to conduct procedures in different fields, such as neurosurgery, laparoscopy, and cardiac surgery.

Fully microprocessed, it operates at high frequency at eight cut modes, having accurate adjustment options for different surgical procedures and the high cut function for high impedance tissues.

Through Ecut function, it produces pulsed cutting perfect for endoscopy procedures. The device is provided with ten time adjustments, which are selected by surgeon.

It integrates advanced system TISC (Tissue Impedance Sensitive Control), which maintains constant power levels at all kinds of tissue, including those with high impedance.

It includes seven coagulation modes for large areas or delicate tissues, avoiding risks for the patient. Among bipolar modes, microbipolar function assures excellent performance in neurosurgeries and bipolar cut in laparoscopy procedures.

It is provided with a serial port for communication allowing its connection to other devices. This feature enables receiving information on the equipment, performing remote adjustment, verifying error and events log, in addition to scalpel self-test, among other procedures.

It has digital memory of power levels and continuous monitoring of the procedure, checking and correcting eventual deviations.

It enables connection to argon plasma coagulators, including a unique mode for joint operation with Argon 4.


— 2 independent power sources with 2 outputs for manual and footswitch controlled pencils, which allow simultaneous work of two surgeons with no split of selected power level on the display
— 12 cut functions: pure, blend 1, 2 and 3, pure high cut, blend 1, 2 and 3 with high cut, and Ecut 1, 2, 3 and 4 function
— bipolar cut: continuous senoidal
— 7 coagulation modes: Argon Coag – special for argon plasma coagulation, spray for large areas coagulation with minimum tissue damage, fulgurate (high and low) and desiccate 1, 2 and 3 — which allow adjusting the effect and application area during tissue coagulation (all with 1 watt adjustments)
— coagulation mode for laparoscopy procedures
— independent liquid crystal displays indicating power levels, type of patient plate and memory used, exhibiting monopolar and bipolar modes
— Remote function for power level adjustment through the pencil, allowing higher control by the surgeon
— independent footswitches: 2 for monopolar and 1 for bipolar functions, with IPX7 protection level
— 99 writable memory positions: they enable changing denomination of procedure, surgeon, team and institution, in addition to record all adjusted power levels
— Recall function: it recovers last power values used before the equipment is turned off
— it enables the use of common or split self-adhesive plates (PPM), which monitor contact impedance of patient plate and automatically interrupt output power, trigging the alarm
— automatic identification of patient plate type (full or split) through a single cable
— safety system against return electrode disconnection
— bargraph (leds bar) indicating contact level with patient plate
— Language options: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Turkey
— volume adjustment
— display contrast level adjustment
— interactive support system
— Sentinel system: a protective system which inhibits power increase in the event of CPU failure. Two processors in redundancy operation: if the main one fails, the sentinel detects the problem and automatically inhibits potential power increase
— Autostop function for bipolar modes, which monitors tissue impedance and interrupts power output when a pre-set value is reached, avoiding tissue damage;
— convective cooling
— it enables connection to argon plasma coagulators
— it operates with PowerBlade vessel sealing tweezers
— CF equipment (protection from defibrillator discharge on neutral electrode)
— equipment certified according with NBRIEC 60601-1, 60601-1-2 and 60601-2-2 rules, including Electromagnetic Interference testing (EMC)


. Cardiology
· General Surgery
· Plastic
· Gastroenterology
· Neurology
· Orthopedics
· Urology
· Surgical Oncology
· Thoracotomy
· Gynecology

Adittional information

 Accessory Kit
. 1 transport unit
. 2 double footswitches
. 1 single footswitch
. 1 handswitching pencil disposable
. 1 footswitch pencil, fixed cable
. 1 set of electrodes
. 1 cable for disposable plate
. 1 stainless steel patient plate (180 x 300 mm)
. 1 cable for stainless steel plate
The accessory kit can be defined to suit the user’s needs and preferences.
Check our range of accessories.


15.5 x 30 x 38 cm (H x W x D)


7,1 kg

ANVISA registration

ANVISA registration nº 10247670037

Power Supply

Power supply 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz


Current consumption: 6,9A (127 VAC mains) 4,8A (220 VAC mains)
Current Type: AC (alternating)
Automatic voltage selection
Intermittent operation

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