Contemporary suture material. High-quality needles Ethalloy by Ethicon

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Surgical needle, as well as surgical filament, must meet a number of criteria, which together define the quality and acceptability for use.

It’s not a secret that the main characteristics of surgical needles are mostly determined by the physical and chemical properties of metal alloys used in its manufacture. For the production of high quality surgical needles stainless steel of 300-400-s series (by American Iron Steel Institute) is used, which differs from stainless steel with a lower number of series, the presence of ferritin ligation which is largely determined by the strength and elasticity of the material.

An example of stainless steel for the manufacture of surgical needles is patented alloy Ethalloy, referring to 455 series and contains additives of chromium, titanium and nickel. This alloy is used by experts of the company Ethicon in the production of suture needles for high-quality contamporary suture.

Alloy Ethalloy became the basic material for the manufacture of needles unsurpassed to date for the general, cardiovascular, ocular, plastic surgery and microsurgery. At the same time, due to the properties of the alloy, steel needles are thinner without compromising of its ductility and corrosion resistance.

MediNOVA is glad to offer you the contemporary suture material, complete with the most sophisticated surgical needles made of alloy Ethalloy by ETHICON (USA).