Suture material with antiseptic coating by ETHICON (USA)

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MediNOVA offers synthetic surgical sutures treated with antiseptic (triclosan) by ETHICON (USA).

Filament has an antiseptic coating IRGACARE (triclosan) for preventing contamination by pathogenic bacteria of the suture.

Suture material VICRYL PLUS, MONOCRYL PLUS and PDS * PLUS has a zone of inhibition of bacterial growth, which are factors of surgical site infection.

Triclosan — antiseptic of broad-spectrum, inhibiting growth of the main pathogens of surgical site during the first few days after implantation of the thread, is not an antibiotic, in a given concentration (less than 270 mg / m) is not toxic.

Spectrum of antibacterial activity of covering IRGACARE (triclosan) in vitro:


  • Staphylococcus aureus;
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis;
  • MRSA;
  • MRSE.


REVIEW. Microprocessed Electrosurgical Unit SS-601MCa by WEM (Brazil)

MediNOVA invites you to familiarize with the offer from the company WEM (Brazil) — high-powered microprocessed electrosurgical unit SS-601MCa.

Ideal cut and coagulation functions for every surgical procedure!

The SS-601MCa surgical unit is a multi-purpose device designed with smart technology, which provides several combinations of cut, coagulation and bipolar modes to conduct procedures in different fields, such as neurosurgery, laparoscopy, and cardiac surgery.

Fully microprocessed, it operates at high frequency at eight cut modes, having accurate adjustment options for different surgical procedures and the high cut function for high impedance tissues.

It integrates advanced system TISC (Tissue Impedance Sensitive Control), which maintains constant power levels at all kinds of tissue, including those with high impedance.

It includes seven coagulation modes for large areas or delicate tissues, avoiding risks for the patient. Among bipolar modes, microbipolar function assures excellent performance in neurosurgeries and bipolar cut in laparoscopy procedures.

It has digital memory of power levels and continuous monitoring of the procedure, checking and correcting eventual deviations.

It enables connection to argon plasma coagulators, including a unique mode for joint operation with Argon 4.

For more details about SS-601MCa click a link.

Advanced phantom system for the practice of surgical skills TraumaMan System by Simulab (USA)

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Education of physicians at the sick bed has some significant drawbacks. Firstly, it can disrupt the patient’s right to receive quality medical services, especially if the student fulfills manual skills at a sick man, sometimes repeating it several times. Second, the teacher can not always control the process. Third, the situation may worsen by the lack of availability of individual students thematic sick and forced to work in a group.
One of the solutions of this situation is the use of a simulation training opportunities with the use of simulators and mannequins.
The American company Simulab has developed the most realistic advanced phantom system for the practice of surgical skills TraumaMan System.
The TraumaMan System is an anatomical surgical manikin that is designed for students to practice a variety of surgical procedures. The TraumaMan System was evaluated and approved by the American College of Surgeons in 2001 as an alternative to live non-human models or cadavers for ATLS, the leading Trauma Training Course. The system is now used to train over 30,000 medical professionals each year. Since its release, TraumaMan has also become widely used in military courses, EMS training, and other trauma surgery simulations.

Procedure simulations include:

  • Cricothyroidotomy
  • Chest Tube Insertion
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Needle Decompression
  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage
  • IV Cutdown
  • Suturing, Incisions

The new Catastrophic Team Training Module allows you to perform team training during these additional procedures:

  • Lacerated Kidney
  • Nicked Aorta
  • Nicked Renal Artery

The FAST diagnostic ultrasound training extension allows you to:

  • Learn landmarks on the body used for identification of window locations for the exam
  • Read and understand the various normal and abnormal views.
  • The FAST Module includes five patient image and video libraries for each window (two normal and three abnormal).

MediNOVA invites you to explore more detailed the advanced phantom system for the practice of surgical skills TraumaMan System by Simulab (USA), by clicking on the link.

Contemporary suture material. High-quality needles Ethalloy by Ethicon

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Surgical needle, as well as surgical filament, must meet a number of criteria, which together define the quality and acceptability for use.

It’s not a secret that the main characteristics of surgical needles are mostly determined by the physical and chemical properties of metal alloys used in its manufacture. For the production of high quality surgical needles stainless steel of 300-400-s series (by American Iron Steel Institute) is used, which differs from stainless steel with a lower number of series, the presence of ferritin ligation which is largely determined by the strength and elasticity of the material.

An example of stainless steel for the manufacture of surgical needles is patented alloy Ethalloy, referring to 455 series and contains additives of chromium, titanium and nickel. This alloy is used by experts of the company Ethicon in the production of suture needles for high-quality contamporary suture.

Alloy Ethalloy became the basic material for the manufacture of needles unsurpassed to date for the general, cardiovascular, ocular, plastic surgery and microsurgery. At the same time, due to the properties of the alloy, steel needles are thinner without compromising of its ductility and corrosion resistance.

MediNOVA is glad to offer you the contemporary suture material, complete with the most sophisticated surgical needles made of alloy Ethalloy by ETHICON (USA).

Electrosurgery in gynecology

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  • 100_argon2
  • 090_SS-601MCa
  • 080_SS-501SX
  • 070_SS-501E-S
  • 060_SS-200E
  • 050_SS-200A
  • 040_SS-100MC
  • 030_SE-120-Automatic
  • 020_HF-120-micro
  • 010_HF-120


Electrosurgical treatment is a modern hardware method of treatment, which is widely used in the fields of medicine, as general surgery, dentistry, gynecology and cosmetology. Electrosurgical treatment methods are also widely used in other areas of medicine: ophthalmology, dermatology, at pulmonary tuberculosis and others.

Electrosurgical treatment — this separation or dissection or disruption of tissue in place using HF currents.

There ere monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery.

In gynecology method electrosurgery is used for:

  • biopsies and cervical conization;
  • ectopias treatment, endometriosis, cervical ektopiona;
  • papilomm removal, warts, polyps of the cervical canal;
  • etc.

The advantages of using electrosurgery in gynecology are obvious — the treatment is of not yet parous women preserving their fertility, getting quality biological material for histological studies, etc.

The relevance of electrosurgical treatment due to the fact that erosion and other diseases of the cervix to date are very common, regardless of the age of the patients. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a proven cause of cervical cancer, and one of the most popular ways to deal with it is electrosurgical treatment.

WEM (Brazil) in electrosurgery is recognized throughout the world as a reliable producer and developer of electrosurgical equipment that meets all the needs of modern electrosurgery.

Medinova offers a wide range of electrosurgical equipment of WEM for all areas of medicine, including:

Contemporary Suture Material

Last years the attention of surgeons in a transaction increasingly attracts the role of suture material. This is understandable, because the vast majority of transactions suture material is essentially the only foreign body, which remains in the tissues. And naturally, that on the quality, chemical composition and structure of the material depends reaction of tissue for implantation.

Currently, an increasing number of surgeons prefer modern synthetic suture material, refusing to use in everyday practice of traditional silk and catgut.

The use of adequate suture material is one of the components of a successful operation. In modern surgery the selection of suture material primarily determined by the requirements imposed on it.

Dealing with suture material starts with its identification. And simply put — to study its packaging, which has detailed information about what is in sterile space under tight shell. The need for a correct interpretation of numbers and symbols on the label makes it possible before the operation or its phase to select the optimal suture material.

Contemporary packaging of quality Ethicon suture material is now available in two basic types: Relay system and foil pack.

When using suture material in the package type Relay shape of the distribution tray minimizes the «memory effect» of suture material and allows the surgeon or nurse easily to release filament with sliding and easy removal. Foil package allows with a slight movement to put the content on the sterile table.

At any packaging of noninvasive suture material the complete information about threads that it contains is encoded.

MediNOVA presents a full range of the most of modern and popular in the world suture material of Johnson & Johnson Ethicon (USA).

The worldwide most contemporary simulation manikin of childbirth

Practical experience is the key to the professionalism and success of health care specialist. The need to work out all the necessary skills and production of skills without risk to patients was apparent even in the 18th century, when in Franceaccording to the drawings of Angelica d`Kyudre the world’s first woman in childbirth simulator was created for training midwives in unique public hospital of Paris «Paris seekers of God». Currently for training, testing and certification of students all over the world simulation-certification centers are created such as «Teaching and innovative training center for doctors» at the Odessa National Medical University.

MediNOVA offers the worldwide most contemporary simulation manikin of childbirth — NOELLE ® S2200 Victoria from the company Gaumard (USA).


NOELLE ® includes all of the latest advanced features, including a new visual software GIGA, birth canal, epidural puncture realistic abdominal wall for cesarean section and more. Experienced Noel births mechanism is improved for creating a more natural and realistic passage of birth. Rotation and passage of the fetus through the birth canal in Noel according to commands of wireless tablet; it also falls and rises, passing through the natural topography of the pelvic hole.


Standard kit of Noel includes Wireless manikin of 40-week newborn that plays breathing, heart rate, skin color and vital signs corresponding to the state of hypoxia and its relief. Also includes features such as tracking trends, crying, seizures, and perform oral and nasal intubation, breath sounds and flatbed additional PC to control. Also a possible option is Wireless manikin of 30-week premature newborn — manikin weighing less than 1400 grams.


Argon Plazma Coagulators: the latest technology in surgery

Doctors and engineers all over world aspire to minimize the traumatic impacts on patient tissue during surgery. As a result, more and more new techniques and methods of treatment of various diseases appear, the latest high-tech equipment is developed, that provides a soft and precise impact of the operated area. These developments should include, in particular, electrosurgical coagulation equipment and devices.

Coagulation — is a simple surgical technique that provides confidence in the success of surgery and patient safety.

An urgent elimination of bleeding is particularly important in the operations and can be provided only by the surgical coagulator. Contamporary coagulators are portable and stationary and can operate in different modes and different principles.

MediNOVA proposes argon plasma coagulators of WEM (Brazil).

Argon plazma coagulator — is a device that works on the principle of non-contact electrical shock impact by using argon plasma jet. This method eliminates the risk of «sticking» of a coagulate to electrode and further strain of coagulated vessels.110_argon4

The benefit of of this method also is the fact that it can be used for thermal coagulation. This feature is due to the fact that argon does not enter into chemical reactions with biological tissues at elevated temperatures. Thus, the inert of gas provides a smokeless of method and warrants no charring tissues.100_argon2

If necessary, you can also use a compatible smoke evacuator of WEM (Brazil).030_SE-120-Automatic

Combat Trauma HAL Simulator

MediNOVA Company presents to your attention the latest robotic simulator for training doctors first-emergency care in the field (in the conditions of battle) — Combat Trauma HAL® S3040 of the company Gaumard (USA).


Simulator Combat HAL® S3040 — is a reliable and durable manikin with simulated trauma care training for victims on the battlefield. The unique strength and durability manikin Hal is proven by independent testing at high and low temperatures; in wet and dry environments; in airplanes and helicopters. Robot-simulator Combat Hal has protection from splashes; it can be transported on a stretcher and covered by a blanket without risk of overheating.

Manikin Hal Combat is based on technology applicable in manikin Hal 10620,which passed independent testing. Testing for compliance with military standards included tests for vibration, electromagnetic interference of aviation electronics, high and low temperatures, rapid decompression at an altitude of 13500m, explosive atmospheres, and flight tests on board of airplane and helicopter.

More information about features of Combat Trauma HAL Simulator you can read here.