REVIEW. Microprocessed Electrosurgical Unit SS-601MCa by WEM (Brazil)

MediNOVA invites you to familiarize with the offer from the company WEM (Brazil) — high-powered microprocessed electrosurgical unit SS-601MCa.

Ideal cut and coagulation functions for every surgical procedure!

The SS-601MCa surgical unit is a multi-purpose device designed with smart technology, which provides several combinations of cut, coagulation and bipolar modes to conduct procedures in different fields, such as neurosurgery, laparoscopy, and cardiac surgery.

Fully microprocessed, it operates at high frequency at eight cut modes, having accurate adjustment options for different surgical procedures and the high cut function for high impedance tissues.

It integrates advanced system TISC (Tissue Impedance Sensitive Control), which maintains constant power levels at all kinds of tissue, including those with high impedance.

It includes seven coagulation modes for large areas or delicate tissues, avoiding risks for the patient. Among bipolar modes, microbipolar function assures excellent performance in neurosurgeries and bipolar cut in laparoscopy procedures.

It has digital memory of power levels and continuous monitoring of the procedure, checking and correcting eventual deviations.

It enables connection to argon plasma coagulators, including a unique mode for joint operation with Argon 4.

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