Suture material

Direction ETHICON, included in group of Johnson & Johnson develops and manufactures modern surgical instruments for open and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, occupying a leading position in the field of mechanical staplers, endoscopic instruments and energy-intensive surgical equipment.

In addition, a large proportion of the products ETNIKON takes contemporary suture — 1000 codes threads for every surgery.

ETHICON includes a group of Ethicon Wound Closure Solutions — worldwide known producer of sutures and other innovative solutions to close surgical wounds. The main products of the group Ethicon Wound Closure Solutions — are modern surgical suture materials, high-tech solutions for hernioplastics, skin adhesives and drains, which are used practically in all areas of open surgery and Endosurgery.

  • Non-absorbable synthetic fibers commonly used by specialists, especially in cardiovascular surgery.
  • Absorbable suture material VICRYL— is a qualitative universal filament with excellent manipulative properties, commonly used by gynecologists and general surgeons.
  • An important tool in the fight with postoperative complications is a family of PLUS-filaments with antibacterial coating IRGACARE (Triclosan).

Johnson & Johnson offers a range of resorbable hemostatic agents, made from oxidized regenerated cellulose and having a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity, in particular — as a standard form of Surgicel.