Simulation equipment

The simulation education in medicine — is warning, preparation and practice. The simulation includes activities directed on the developing of practical skills, algorithms, and communications. The purpose of this training is to provide new knowledge, although often it helps to identify areas where knowledge or understanding are insufficient.

The objectives of the a simulation education are:

  • Gaining, improvement and practical application of experience in communication or practical skills (surgical sutures, resuscitation, intubation, etc.);
  • Formation of vision of disadvantages of the process and communication skills in the work of the health care team;
  • Formation of the ability to identify practical skills, communication skills, stages of the algorithm medical care requiring improvement;
  • Practical understanding of the roles and principles of teamwork;
  • The use of phantoms in student learning leads to good mastering of the theoretical part and practical skills that are essential to every young person skilled in the practice.

Introduction into practical training of medical students simulation technology allows to avoid errors in the provision of therapeutic activity. Phantoms and simulators allow you to bring to the automaticity implementation of skills by repetition of the the same actions. Contemporary virtual robot simulators allow you to simulate rare clinical cases.

One of the fundamental components in the postgraduate training of young professionals is to acquire practical skills in a particular medical specialty. Acquire such skills and work it up to the proper level allows the use of a simulation equipment. Optimal is the formation of the phantom-simulation centers for education in medical institutions (science parks).

MediNOVA LLC believes that the simulation training of medical workers is fundamental to the achievement of our common goal — improving of treatment results. Simulation provides training without risk to patients. The opportunity to train often enough and manage complex scenarios. Helps to prevent medical errors, while the viewer of carried out classes helps to perform a detailed analysis and increases the effectiveness of training. Simulation provides the opportunity for staff not only to provide quality patient care, but also to make it as complete as possible, consistent and reliable.

Cooperation of MediNOVA LLC with Odessa National Medical University has allowed to establish at the University base the only one in Ukraine Educational Innovation Center of Practical Training of The Doctor. The Centre is a multidisciplinary and high-tech institution equipped with the most contamporary equipment from the first to the seventh level of realism. Training occurs on two bases: in the University Clinic and in the academic building in Medical Town. Read more about the work of the Centre, you can by following the link: